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Landlord’s Safety Certification

Landlord’s Safety Certification in London and M25 area: Ealing, Chiswick, Richmond, Kew, Hampton, Gerrards Cross & Beaconsfield.

Landlords are responsible for the safety of the gas supply and appliances on their properties. This is covered in various UK rulings, such as the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998.

This legislation covers three main areas:

1. Annual Gas Safety Checks:
Landlords must arrange for all gas appliances and the flue to be checked on a yearly basis by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This is to ensure that all gas products are safe to use on a continued basis. Tenants must allow access to the property for this annual check, but should check the engineer’s Gas Safety ID card to confirm that they are registered to carry out the work.

2. Gas Safety Certificates:
Landlords must provide tenants with a copy of the gas safety record within 28 days of a check occurring. Also, new tenants should be provided with a copy before they move in. Landlords should keep copies of safety checks for a minimum of 2 years.

3. Maintenance of Gas Appliances:
Gas appliances, flues and pipework provided for the tenant should be maintained and kept in a safe condition. Landlords should ensure that these are inspected regularly and repaired if necessary. Tenants should be responsible for their own gas appliances, and these should also be inspected regularly.

All equipment should be serviced in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but if these are not available, then it is recommended that items should be inspected yearly.

Landlords do not have to keep maintenance records or to provide tenants with them, but should be able to prove that these checks and repairs occur, if asked.

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Make sure your property complies with UK legislation by getting your gas appliances, pipes and flues regularly checked by a Gas safe Registered Engineer.

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